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We are thrilled to announce our Autumn 2019 Guest Editor is Anna Maltz, and she’s focusing our energies on the theme of sustainability.

Sustainability in knitting has many angles. It’s making garments that last, using materials and practices that have a more minimal impact on the environment and global community. It’s also why knitting stays interesting after years of doing it. There’s always something new to learn and share. It’s about making the most of available resources and knowledge, celebrating what we have, and considering how joy can be sustainable and conscientious.

Think interesting construction using oddments, colour-blocking, patches, hønsestrik, visible mending, and scraps. Projects that can be done with leftovers and stray balls of yarn. Think of combining yarn brands. Think Pippi Longstocking’s mismatched socks. Quilts. Dolly Parton’s coat of many colours. Colourwork diamonds and squares. Shapes that can grow with you and age. Ganseys that have no specific back/front. Things that can be fixed, built-on, and added to. Non-matching/mismatched pairs/twins, be they socks, gloves, ends of shawls or sleeves. Think of sustainability as an exciting challenge to be creative, colourful, and caring.

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Deadline: Please submit your ideas by the 24th of February. If your design has been selected, you will be notified by early March. Finished patterns, samples, and articles will then be due in late May for publication in August.

Compensation/support: Compensation is offered on a scale of difficulty of the pattern/length of article, etc. We provide yarn support. You can also rest assured your pattern will be presented in the best light possible, with professional tech editing, beautiful photography, and brilliant graphic design. Payment is by bank transfer in the UK, Paypal if you are abroad. Each contributor will receive a printed copy of the magazine.

Articles: Please click here for article proposal information.

At Pom Pom we are also interested in other crafts, music, food, art, and culture. If you have any tutorials or article ideas within these realms which you think might be of interest to our knitting and crochet audience, let us know.

Please use the form below which outlines all the information required for your submission. You will be able to upload a PDF including your sketches, swatches, and other information at the bottom of the form. Only PDF files up to 1 MB in size will be accepted. Once you’ve submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation email. You may submit as many ideas as you like, but you will need to upload each separately.

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