Interpretations Vol.7 Is Here!

Today’s the day – the latest instalment of Interpretations is here! We’re delighted to publish the seventh volume of this much-loved series by Joji Locatelli and Veera Välimäki, two extraordinarily talented knitwear designers who just happen to be great friends! This year is the first that the dreamy duo haven’t been able to get together […]

The Language of Wool by Elliot Maud

‘The Language of Wool’ by Elliot Maud was originally published in Issue 34. A big thank you to Elliot for allowing us to make their article publicly available here.  As a queer disabled Filipinx-American maker and wordsmith, I strive to move through the world in deliberate gentleness and fierce dedication to justice. Wool is one […]


Hello Pom Pals! Issue 34 is now available in digital form! This means that if you possess a print copy of our latest issue, you can now use the unique code on the inside front cover to access a PDF of our Autumn 2020 collection (the instructions are printed there, too). If you’re a digital […]

An Introduction to Pom Pom Press

Did you know that Pom Pom publishes books in addition to the quarterly magazine? If not, let us introduce you to Pom Pom Press (hello again if you already knew about us 👋🏽)! During the summer, we published ‘Finished Knit How? What Now?’, a blog post which lists all the easier patterns within the magazine […]


Issue 34 is here! Our Autumn 2020 collection is guest edited by Ocean Rose, and their dreamy aesthetic saturates every single page. Ocean chose ‘home’ as the theme for their issue long before many of us would be spending longer in our abodes than usual due to the pandemic. Prepare yourselves for ten cosy, snuggly […]

Crochet in PPQ!

Howdy, Pom Pals! One question we get asked a lot is “Which issue of Pom Pom should I buy for crochet patterns?” Well, we thought it would be useful to have a crochet-dedicated blog post – ta da! Below are all the crochet patterns ever published by Pom Pom for you to enjoy. We hope […]

Finished Knit How? What Now?

So, you’ve finished Knit How. What now? Well, we’ve put together a list of designs from past issues of Pom Pom Quarterly which we think make perfect projects for the Knit How graduate! We also invite more experienced knitters in search of a comfort project to use this list. No judgement here! The majority of […]


Howdy, Pom Pals! Our sun-inspired Issue 33 is now available digitally! ☀️ If you’re a digital subscriber or if you prefer to purchase digital versions of Pom Pom from our website or Ravelry, this means that our Summer 2020 collection can now beam at you through a PDF download! If you’re a print subscriber or […]

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