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Welcome to UK Wool Week! It will come as no surprise to hear that we at Pom Pom HQ love LOVE love wool! It’s a little embarrassing, but sometimes we even dream about wool. Dreams about frantically searching for that perfect skein in a particular colour or with the ideal amount of stitch definition. We’ve also had happy dreams about mini balls of wool raining from the sky, then being gathered up and transformed into a blanket with all our friends. It would be an understatement to say that we are big fans of all things sheepy.

This week we will be declaring our love by doing a daily post on the glorious fibre – our ode to wool! We will also be spreading the love on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with our WONDERS OF WOOL hashtag, #WOWeek (get it!?). Every day we will be posting on a different topic and sharing photos using the #WOWeek hashtag. On Saturday we even have a #WOWeek themed free pattern for you lucky knitters –  don’t say we don’t treat you well!

Today we want to hear about your woolly dreams! Had a blissful dream about playing in a gigantic yarn ball pool? Or a yarn nightmare about giant woolly spiders?! Tell us all about it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #WOWeek and you could win a copy of Pom Pom to add to your knitting library! Post as much as you like this week and every post will count as a chance to win. Already a subscriber? We’ll tack on an extra issue for you if you win.

So join in the fun and share the Wool Week love! #WOWeek

Pom Pom xx




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