Almandine - Anushka Tay

Welcome to our second Wool Week post! Just to catch you up, this week we’re expounding the Wonders of Wool with a different post on why we love wool so much each day. In fact, we love it so much we decided to create our own WoW hashtag so everyone can get involved. Look out for #WOWeek on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see wool-lovers riffing on our theme for each day. And of course, get involved yourself – you could win a copy of Pom Pom! We’ll choose a winner from all the lovely posts, so post often – the more you post, the more chances you have to win!

Today is about wool’s most important feature: its warmth! With Autumn here, we’re bundling up in woollen hats, scarves, sweaters, mittens and everything else we can get our chilly hands on.

Funky Chunky yarn. Photo credit Welthase.

If you are already feeling the chill then get your needles out and whip up an Almandine. This quick and cosy project is knitted in bulky yarn creating a warm, dense fabric. Almandine is both a scarf and a hat so you will never again find yourself without adequate ear protection on chilly nights! Anushka Tay’s Almandine is knitted in Welthase’s scrumptious Funky Chunky yarn shown (above, from left to right) in colour-ways So Chaud, Glowing E and Lemon Sun.

New Year Mitts, Pom Pom Pattern

New Year Mitts, Pom Pom Pattern

If it’s your hands which are feeling the cold then not to fear – we also have a woolly solution to that problem! Lydia Gluck’s New Years Mitts will come to the rescue. Knitted with worsted weight yarn they are wonderfully warm in even the most inclement conditions. The pattern for these fashionable mitts is free on our blog making them perfect for Christmas knitting. Ever heard the phrase “cold hands, warm heart”? We assure you that anyone who receives a pair of these mittens will not only have warm hands, but also a heart brimming with gratitude.

Moria - Anna Wilkinson

It is not only thick yarn which creates warm knitted garments; ingenious knitters have invented ways of creating insulating fabrics from thinner yarn. Cables and colourwork are not only beautiful, they are practical methods of warding off the cold. These techniques add layers to the knitted fabric which creates warm air pockets between the fibers. These air pockets ensure that the wearer is cocooned in glorious wool. Both Moria by Anna Wilkinson (above) and Meghan Fernandes’ Quadrillion (below) are perfect sweaters for keeping windy gusts out.

Quadrillion - Meghan Fernandes

Next time you reach for that favourite woollen sweater or hat take a moment to appreciate its natural warmth. Then take a moment to share it with us! Tell us about your fave woollie or why you love wool’s warmth so much today by sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – don’t forget to tag it #WOWeek. Show us your woolly knits for all to marvel at!

Lets say a big thank you to sheep the world over for helping us stay warm this Autumn!

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