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It’s day 3 of UK Wool Week! We’ve been celebrating all week, talking here about our favourite things about wool (the “wonders of wool” if you will!). You’re welcome to join in the conversation – just post on our daily theme via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #WOWeek. We’ll be choosing a lucky winner from these posts to win a copy of Pom Pom. Every time you post, you get a another chance to win!

Today we writing in praise of wool’s glorious range of natural colours. The exquisite pullover above was designed by Dani Sunshine in De Rerum Natura Gilliatt in the colourway Poivre. This undyed yarn showcases the natural hue of this amazingly soft merino yarn. The heathered brown has a richness to it which reminds us of lovely things like Autumn leaves and hedgehogs.

Pom Pom Quarterly - merino sheep

The yarn Dani used to knit Vervain comes from one of these charming animals. Despite his stately gaze, we can’t help chuckling at this ram’s double chin. All those wrinkles allow this fine fellow to produce more wool than other breeds. Merino sheep are known for their softness, but in a post about natural colours they are only one of the many glorious breeds to mention.

Ann Marie's Conmigo, pattern by Meghan Fernandes. Photo credit, Ann Marie

Raveler Ann Marie‘s chic Contigo cowl was knitted using undyed Shetland yarn. ‘Contigo‘ means ‘with you’ in Spanish. Because Ann Marie was knitting for herself she decided to name her cowl ‘Conmigo‘ or ‘with me’.  We just love her sense of humour and use of ombre neutrals! This understated Conmigo is the perfect winter staple, we can imagine pairing it with anything from a statement coat to a casual sweater.

Shetland sheep come in an astounding range of colours from the lightest grey to soot black and butterscotch brown. This breed’s colours have wonderful Scottish Gaelic names reminiscent of windy peaks and heather-strewn hillsides. We find the colour names almost as wonderful to say as their yarn is to knit with: Sholmit, Mooskit and Moorit almost sound like dwarves from The Hobbit!

Shetland Sheep

We love wool’s natural colours so much that this Saturday we will be releasing our #WOWeek free pattern! This pattern uses four colourways of Jamieson’s Double Knitting undyed range  (and some colours too) – we’re excited already! These glorious natural tones are like a classic camel trench coat – they never go out of style. Just ask this adorable Shetland lamb, he’ll tell you that wool’s natural, undyed beauty is a thing to be celebrated!

So show us your favourite naturally beautiful yarn from your stash, your best inherently neutral knitted garment or just tell us your fave thing about wool that keeps it au naturel. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #WOWeek to keep us in the loop!

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  1. annmarie October 18, 2013 at 1:55 am #

    there’s nothing lovelier than natural sheep’s wool! so pleased to see my ‘conmigo’ among all these beautiful photos. :)

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