Pom Pom Quarterly Knitting Tip: Use washi tape to mark your charts!

Today we are taking a sort of break from all things knitting related to reveal one of our other passions: washi tape! We’ve been obsessed for a while now, and we thought we’d share one of our favourite washi/knitting tips that was mentioned in our first podcast last month – using it to mark knitting charts!

Washi tape is made from the bark of Japan’s native trees; most commonly the mitsumata shrub, the gampi tree or the mulberry tree. These strong fibres ensure that it is sturdy enough to be reusable. This makes washi tape absolutely perfect for helping to remember where you are on that fiddly knitting chart. Once you have finished a row, simply remove the tape and stick it just bellow the next row – so handy!

washi wall

The same properties mean it won’t damage walls, making it perfect for sticking up pictures postcards and other inspirational stuff.

Pom Pom Quarterly - Washi Tape

Washi tape takes it’s name from two Japanese words – ‘Wa’ which means Japanese, and ‘shi’ which translates as paper. Plain and simple, it’s pretty handy all-round. Our favourite thing about washi tape is how quickly it can transform bland everyday objects into delightful ‘new’ ones. As knitters we are utterly amazed by the instant gratification of a washi tape project. It only took us about 10 minutes but we just love this pretty drawer decoration! And the notebook was even quicker!

Decorate your notebook with Washi Tape! - Pom Pom Quarterly

We could easily spend hours pouring over all the glorious craft ideas people have added to Pinterest. We particularly love the mini bunting!

Feeling inspired? Let us know what your fave washi tape uses and tricks are!

The washi tape collection at Pom Pom HQ

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