Elisabeth Beverley Cashmere

Summer’s not over yet, but soon it will be the end of our summer KAL!

As with every issue, we host a knit along (KAL) on the Pom Pom Raverly group and we all get to see the many different versions of the Pom Pom projects that you create. If you haven’t entered yet, you have until 31st July to get your finished knits (from any issue) posted on the FO board to be in with a chance of winning some yarny delights!

We’ve got a skein of Elisabeth Beverley Plant Dyed Cashmere (being admired above at the Pom Pom Christmas Party 2014!) which is being paired with a handful of Temari threads to make a bonus prize …

Buckaloo View Yarn

…a skein of sumptuous Buckaloo View yarn that has been dyed with Marigolds…

Gregoria Fibres

… and a trio of the petal pink soft Gregoria Fibers dyed with logwood.

Have any of you eagle-eyed readers noticed the theme of these prizes? Well, you’re soon to be well acquainted with it as these yarns are used in the forthcoming Issue 18 which focuses on natural dyeing. Preview images will be gracing your screens soon, so we don’t want to spoil the surprise too much. Though we can tell you that all the giveaway goodies are featured in upcoming projects, especially the combo of Temari threads and Elisabeth Beverley Plant Dyed Cashmere!

If you haven’t joined in before, here is a reminder of the rules:

1) Knit or crochet a project from any issue of Pom Pom, our blog, or Take Heart.

2) Any project is welcome that you haven’t entered before.

3) Post updates, pics, notes, comments, oohs and ahhs etc in our KAL thread, and post a pic of your finished item in the FO thread.

4) At the end of this season (Monday 1st August) we’ll choose a few winners at random from the FO thread.

So if that wasn’t enough tempt you on to the KAL forums how about some inspiration from your fellow Pom Pom-ers? There have been several been some cool summer tops (and yes that’s cool in both senses of the word!)

Of course sometimes finishing those WIP’s in summer means an item that’s a little warmer than what is required for the season – but hey, as knitters we’re nothing if prepared!

We’re sure we will see your finished knits popping onto the forums soon! And if you want to see the naturally dyed beauties we have for the giveaway can be used for, check back next week for our Autumn issue preview!

Pom Pom  x


  1. Sophie July 24, 2016 at 8:45 am #

    Cashmere + temari threads…swoon! Must photograph my finished Curio Mitts sharpish!

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