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From the needles of your favourite quarterly comes the ultimate learn-to-knit book! The only guide a novice will need to start a journey through the world of yarn, Knit How is a friendly and easy-to-use introduction to knitting. The book includes ten knitting patterns for accessories and garments, along with illustrated techniques and essential top tips for the beginner knitter, all in Pom Pom’s signature style.

Packed full of tutorials and advice, Knit How guides you through the wonderful world of knitting, from your first few shaky stitches through a host of projects, each increasing in complexity until you have truly mastered your craft! Want to pick and choose? The choice is yours! These patterns offer something for everyone. All you need to know is ready and waiting, pick up your needles and let’s cast on!

Knit How – Simple Knits, Tools & Tips // 164 pages // Printed in the UK // Soft cover

A Ravelry download will come with your book.

Wrapped especially for you and sent via Royal Mail or via USPS for our US customers.


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  1. Gridlock

    It may sound cliche but, man… If only this book had been around when I first started knitting, I may have grown into a much more confident/brave knitter, more quickly… Who knows, I may have even become Stephen West!?! Anyway, the skillz shown, broken down, and frankly discussed are mind bogglingly complete! The projects are on point and are shared for any gender. I am an intermediate knitter(of 2 prolific years), an LYS employee and there’s still SO much for me to clean from this book!!! Invite this new friend into your library and don’t look back! Thank you Meghan & Lydia/popom. This is the book I have been waiting for!

    • Pom Pom Mag

      Thank you for your beautiful words! Wishing you many hours of happy knitting!

  2. sauceygranny (verified owner)

    Frankie sweater = I would love to knit.the orange one made with Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair Yarn. That isn’t made any more. What can I substitute to get the same kind of look? I wish you would put substitutes in for washable wear, everday work garments that women could wash themselves. Special occasions are great but we need everyday items too. Thank you for the advise.

    • Pom Pom Mag

      You could try the website Yarn Sub which is a great tool for researching substitute yarns – happy knitting!

  3. Allyson Gonzalez

    Thank you for making a book with women of color in fiber arts!! These are the significant steps that move us towards a more integrated scene <3

    • Pom Pom Mag

      Thank you Allyson! We are looking forward to continuing to widen the inclusiveness and representation in Pom Pom. xx

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