Pom Pom Quarterly, Issue 9: Summer 2014 || Baya by Mindy Wilkes
Pom Pom Quarterly, Issue 9: Summer 2014 || Baya by Mindy WilkesPom Pom Quarterly, Issue 9: Summer 2014 || Sombra by Elanor KingPom Pom Quarterly, Issue 9: Seaside Sundae by Suzanne StallardPom Pom Quarterly, Issue 9: Sceles by Anna MaltzFlora by Susan CrawfordPom Pom Quarterly, Issue 9: Emery by Shannon CookPom Pom Quarterly, Issue 9:Pom Pom Quarterly, Issue 9: Summer 2014 || Ananas Comusus by Sarah GarryPom Pom Quarterly, Issue 9: Libette by Michelle Zimmer

Issue 9: Summer 2014 – Digital Only


Summer is here in Pom Pom land and we couldn’t be more excited about these breezy knits. Gorgeous shawls, layer-able tops, a delectable blanket, and even a sewn t-shirt all add up to a hot summer in the best possible way.

Printed in the UK on lovely heavy paper, at a project bag-friendly portable size, it’s the go-to magazine for lovers of independent craft.

Designs by

Susan Crawford – Mindy Wilkes – Elanor King
Michelle Zimmer  – Suzanne Stallard – Sarah Hurwitz
Sarah Garry – Shannon Cook – Anna Maltz

Writing by

 Juju Vail – Anna Maltz
Susan Crawford – Rebecca Litchfield

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