Introducing our Pomfest guest speakers! During the two days of the festival, there will be a timetable of talks and panel discussions featuring a selection of international knitting stars and Pom Pom pals!

We’ve been revealing the line up on social media this week, but in case you missed any of them, this is who you can expect to hear at Pomfest…

Bristol Ivy Head Shot

Bristol Ivy is a knitting designer and teacher from Portland, Maine. Her designs focus on innovative techniques and classic tailoring which can be seen in Pom Pom patterns such as Callas and Fairchild. We recently announced that we will publishing Bristol’s first book this autumn and can’t wait to share more with you soon!
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Emily Foden is a dog lover, forest explorer and textile fanatic. As the founder of Viola, she is happy to spend her days dyeing yarn in her Rural Canadian studio. A three year stint at John Arbon Textiles developed a love of Marmite and lot of yarn knowledge too!
Julia Farwell-Clay

Julia Farwell-Clay grew up in New Brunswick, Canada where she learned to appreciate knitting as an entertainment that also kept her warm. Now mostly grown-up, she lives in almost-as-chilly Massachusetts (USA) where she devotes her non-mom time to designing and sharing her love of yarn. When she isn’t knitting, she’s in her garden wishing she had more time so she could knit AND keep the roses going. You’ll know her patterns from cover stars like Palindrome from Issue 19  and Tambourine from Issue 12. A designer with many clever techniques up her (knitted) sleeve and a background as an English teacher, we can’t wait to see what stories she has to share.


You’ll know Veera Välimäki from her patterns with Joji Locatelli that make the four volumes of Interpretations. In fact, that might give you a clue as to what you can expect her talk to be about! She knits and designs in Finland, in a small village near Helsinki. She loves garter stitch, all kinds of short rows and always has too many projects on her needles. Veera wants to create modern designs that are great to wear and fun to knit.

Thea Colman head shot (2)

Also joining is Thea Colman, a lady who knows her cocktails and cables in equal measure! Each of her patterns are named after a drink – such as Olivette from Issue 17. After leaving a career in advertising to raise her daughters, Thea combined her love of knitting and design with a longtime interest in cocktails to create a perfect second career that now justifies all her favorite purchases — such as farm yarns, vintage glassware and small batch bourbons or gins.  She plays with a mix of styles, details, and construction methods in her designs and she loves to find motifs that look more difficult than they actually are. Each of Thea’s pattern are named after a cocktail, so both knitting and drink recipes are often posted and/or discussed in her Ravelry group and on her blog  at babycocktails.com.   She’s also an Instagram junkie at @theacolman.   These days, most the drinks end up on the Instagram feed so the ice cubes don’t melt while she’s writing text. Maybe there’ll be a chance to grab a cocktail or two with her at Pomfest too!
Clara Parkes of The Knitter's Review

The ‘yarn whisperer’ herself Clara Parkes will be travelling over to be part of a panel discussion and also present her own talk. Clara is the publisher of Knitter’s Review, purveyor of Clara Yarn, and author of numerous books.

portrait_olgaAlso welcome to Olga Buraya-Kefelian! Olga’s innovative geometric knits and architectural designs are stunning, see Delineate from Issue 16. Olga learned knitting from her mother at a very young age while growing up in Belarus and it wasn’t until her mid-twenties that her knitting developed beyond a hobby, into a career in knitwear design. Now published author of several books on knitwear, she resides in Alexandria, Virginia while she continues to work on her brand, olgajazzy, and continuing collaborations with numerous prominent yarn companies and magazines. You can find her teaching classes and workshops nationwide as well as internationally.


And last but not least, our host of the Pomfest panel discussions, Anna Maltz. You may have watched Anna hosting our Knitters in the Round live panel discussion and she’ll be heading some group chats with our special guests. She describes herself as a knit detective, ex-art kid, amateur ice cream enthusiast, colour fancier, Londoner, and maker of many things. You will have read her musings each issue as Anna is Pom Pom’s resident columnist, plus you’ll know her patterns Signal and Sceles.

Friday at Pomfest – buy your ticket!

Bristol Ivy // Julia Farwell-Clay // Thea Colman // Anna Maltz

Saturday at Pomfest – buy your ticket!

Veera Välimäki  //  Clara Parkes  //  Emily Foden  //Olga Buraya-Kefelian  //  Anna Maltz


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We’re also thrilled to announce our talk sponsors The Yarn Collective! This fibre and design company focuses on working with the best independent designers to bring luxurious hand-dyed yarns in a range of inspiring colourways. We have an exciting prize from these kind folks coming tomorrow, so make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Twitter @pompommag

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