After all the planning, purchasing, and purling there is one final step for your KAL project – photos! Photographing your knitting not only documents your progress and projects, it’s also a wonderful way to inspire your fellow knitters. Also, by entering your photo in our KAL FO thread on Ravelry you’ll be automatically entered into a draw to win some woolly goodies!JohnArbonBannerAd

For this special Pomfest KAL our lovely sponsors are providing the prizes, so that means some Devonia delights from John Arbon Textiles, gorgeous Julie Asselin yarn to make the Shindig Shawl,a cute pouch and coaster set from Kettle Yarn Co., two skeins of La Bien Aimée merino singles in Yellow Brick Road and Casseopeia, plus the awesome SocksYeah! from Coop Knits too so you can have a festival on your feet.

THE PRIZEshindig-pomfest-kal KettleYarnCo_Teepee_Coaster (1)

The good news is that you don’t need expensive camera equipment to take great photos! With a little preparation and our handy tips you’ll soon be taking snaps that capture your FO in all it’s glory.

Tip One – Finish your knitting – no really finish it!

Before you even pick up that camera, make sure your project is looking its best. Those finishing touches make all the difference so weave in all those ends, have fun sourcing the perfect buttons and take the time to block your item so you can really show off all those hours of knitting.

Tip Two – Come towards the light

Apart from the occasional venture to a dimly lit pub, we’d all much prefer to be knitting in the daylight so we can see our yarn properly. Same goes for taking photos! Head outside or let natural light flood in from a window to eliminate shadey and shapeless stitches. It doesn’t even have to be bright sunshine, in fact overcast days are better as this means no harsh shadows.

Tip Three – Find the perfect background

Whether you’re taking photos inside or outside, think about your choice of background. Keep it simple with plain a wall or a piece of pinned up fabric, or keep your eye out for fun colourful or textured walls to make the perfect backdrop. Remember you don’t want anything too cluttered that will distract from your project!

Tip Four – You’re a model and you’re looking good!

Get a friend to help! It’s so much easier to get a good angle with someone else behind the camera – many a time in the Pom Pom office we ask ‘Can you take a photo of me because I’m wearing this today!’ If you’re finding it hard to get the perfect snap check if your camera has a burst function (where multiple photos are taken in rapid succession), then put some music on and move through some different poses! It’s much easier to choose your favourites from lots of snaps – including having a giggle at some fun mid-movement shots!

Tip Five – Prop it Up!

If you’re feeling camera shy, try arranging a still life with your knit. Garments look great on a hanger against a pretty backdrop if you don’t fancy your face in the photo. Or try arranging accessories and smaller knits as a flat lay (that’s what the kids call them these days) with fun props to decorate.


We can’t wait to see your snaps on the FO thread! If you’re coming to Pomfest, make sure you are wearing your finest Pom Pom project as you’ll have the opportunity to take a picture as if you were a cover star! Plus we’ll have some special Pom Pom swag for the best FOs at the festival!

See you there and happy knitting!

Pom Pom x





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