It seems that brioche is still the flavour of the month – and no we’re not just talking about that delicious baked good! This stitch creates an amazing textured fabric, with prominent knit columns. If you haven’t got to grips with this technique yet, don’t worry, we’re back with a tutorial video to give you an introduction to Two Colour Brioche.

There are so many variations with brioche, we’ve narrowed it down by working the swatch in this tutorial flat and with an even number of stitches. If you’ve never tried it before this is a good starting point to understand the structure before tackling a full project.

Here’s the pattern we’ve used in the video to help with your practice swatch.

Cast on 14 sts in MC using a circular needle. Do not turn work.
Set up row (RS CC): Slide stitches to other tip of needle, using CC, wyif, *sl1yof, p1; rep from *. Turn work.
Row 1 (WS MC): with MC and wyif, *sl1yof, brp1; rep from *. Do not turn work.
Row 1 (WS CC): slide work to other tip of needle. With CC, *brk1, yf sl1yo; rep from *. Turn work.
Row 2 (RS MC): Maintain the CC yo of last worked stitch by holding it under the left hand needle to the back. With MC, *brk1, yf sl1yo: rep from *. Do not turn work.
Row 2 (RS CC): slide work to other tip of needle. With CC, wyif, *sl1yof, brp1; rep from *. Turn work.

brk – brioche knit
brp – brioche purl
sl1yo – slip 1, yarn over
sl1yof – slip 1, yarn over front

Once know your brks from your brps, you can get ready to cast on Alloy from Issue 19 which features two colour brioche in the round.


Or for a bigger project there is Cidre from Issue 11.

Pom Pom Qauarterly: Issue 11 - Winter 2014 // Cidre by Allison Jane

And the beautiful yarn that you see in the videos? That’s the lovely Spud & Chloë which has been provided by our sponsors Blue Sky Fibers. Huge thanks to them for their support!

x Pom Pom

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  1. Sayra January 24, 2017 at 3:55 pm #

    What a bummer. I was hoping the demo wou5be in german/continental style. I do not understand English style knitting ?

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