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Here at Pom Pom Quarterly we love wool and we love pom poms (something you may have noticed).  What better way to declare this love than by participating in The Wool Room’s Pom Pom Parade?

As knitters we fully understand the importance of wool and the sheep which produce it. This ingenious fiber is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. It is also wonderfully cosy and insulating even when wet (essential for those drizzly countryside hikes). It can be spun, dyed, felted and blocked.

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During the mid-19th century wool production and spinning were among the UK’s largest industries. During the 1960’s, however, wool’s popularity began to decline. The fiber is since being steadily replaced by inferior synthetic alternatives. In the UK, wool is now so undervalued that it costs farmers more to shear a flock of sheep than they would receive for the fleece. For this reason popularity of easy care sheep, a breed which do not need to be shorn and are bred solely for their meat, is steadily increasing. If this trend continues then the UK risks losing this historically significant (and oh so cosy) industry. Thankfully, in recent years – as I’m sure our fellow knitters have noticed – there has been a renewed interest in this wonderful natural resource.


The passionate people at The Wool Room are helping to re-educate people about how gorgeous wool is and encourage a buying revolution. The Pom Pom Parade is one of the Campaign for Wool’s largest projects, aims to spread awareness and pique people’s interest by getting them to create their very own pom pom sheep. The Pom Pom Parade started collecting pom poms last November. So far they have gathered 7,943 sheep!


Being fans of all things pom pom related, we downloaded their pom pom kit, and had a go at making some sheep of our own. Once all the sheep have been collected, they will all be brought together in one giant exhibition. We can’t wait to go along and try to spot our pom poms among the flock.


There is only one month of the campaign left so get out those pom pom makers and start using up those scraps of yarn. Don’t forget to post any photos onto Pom Pom’s Ravelry page before sending them to: The Wool Room, Unit 4/5, Woodside Farm Industrial Estate, Ketton Road, Empingham, LE15 8QD, UK. Any sheep made will become part of a Guinness World Record for “Largest Display of Handmade Sheep,” so you will be making pom pom history!

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  1. Campaign For Wool NZ August 5, 2013 at 10:37 pm #

    Thank you so much for helping the Campaigns share the good news about wool.

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