Feeling the January blues? Have your New Year’s resolutions fallen to the wayside? Why not brighten your mood by learning something new, meeting a bunch of kindred crafty souls, and kick-start the year with the magic of making something yourself! Yes, all this is possible by picking up pair of knitting needles and joining in with our international Cast On party, this Sunday 27th January.

If you’re reading this, you might have a fair few projects under your belt already, so why not pass the message on to a friend? We all know at least one person who longingly looks at your WIP saying ‘I wish I knew how…’ and that’s where Knit How comes in!

The respective Pom Pom offices on either side of the pond will be at our ‘flagship’ cast on parties, our US team at Hill Country Weavers in Austin, Texas from 11am CST, and the UK team will be teaming up with Wild and Woolly, hosted by The London Loom from 3pm GMT.

Why not find a LYS near you and join in their Cast On party?

Echoview Fiber Mill, Weaverville, NC
Starting the party early on Saturday 26th Jan

Ewe Fibers, Charlottesville, VA 

Fancy Tiger Crafts, Denver, CO
12pm – 3pm
Participating customers get 15% off their purchase of supplies for their cast on (yarn, needles and book).

Hill Country Weavers, Austin, TX

3 Kittens, Mendota Heights, MN 

McKinney Knittery, McKinney, TX

Nina Chicago, Chicago, IL

Northfield Yarn, Northfield, MN

Ross Farm, Washington, PA

Stars Hollow Yarns, New Preston, CT

Tolt, Carnation, WA

Yarn Scout, Bozeman, MT

Ida’s House, Caterham, UK

Frome Yarn Collective, Frome, UK

Rauwerk, Munich, Germany
On Saturday 26th January, 2-5pm

Wild and Woolly at The London Loom, London UK

Click on the shop name to find out more about each event!

Knit How was conceived from the desire to create the learn-to-knit book that editors Meghan and Lydia wished was available when they started their first stitches.

We planned the book so it would be a clear progression with each project, and made sure the patterns were ones we would love to make even now! We have included both photographed and hand-drawn tutorials, and of course top tips and tricks to help along the way. We see the book as a way to welcome new knitters not only in the way the patterns and tutorials are presented but also in terms of who is represented.

But don’t take our word for it, since it’s release in December 2019, we’ve been hearing from knitters old and new about how they love and use Knit How!

It may sound cliche but, man… If only this book had been around when I first started knitting, I may have grown into a much more confident/brave knitter, more quickly… Who knows, I may have even become Stephen West!?! Anyway, the skillz shown, broken down, and frankly discussed are mind bogglingly complete! The projects are on point and are shared for any gender. I am an intermediate knitter (of 2 prolific years), an LYS employee and there’s still SO much for me to glean from this book!!! Invite this new friend into your library and don’t look back! Thank you Meghan & Lydia/Pom Pom. This is the book I have been waiting for!

Gridlock via the Pom Pom blog

This book is wonderful! I love the drawings. My niece and nephew have been asking me to teach them to knit for years, but I do not live nearby and they don’t have someone else to help. They are old enough now to follow instructions on their own to some extent, so I thought it would be a nice holiday gift so I can get them started, but not feel like they can’t continue after we’ve gone home. I looked at more than half a dozen books that were recommended to me as ‘kids knitting’ – in short, they were terrible. Then I found your new book. Although not geared to kids, the drawings are so accessible, and the patterns simple but functional. I know they won’t read or need all the info that is in here right away, but I am confident that it will be a great tool to get them started, and if they stick with it, will continue to be a resource over time.

Megan Hambrick via email

No nonsense, clear and with the right emphasis on the right pitfalls… the perfect companion to my classes!

Saskia de Feijter , founder of Ja,Wol

Their attention to detail is laser sharp alongside a tone of playfulness…
The images are clear and, as a whole, Knit How is modern without moving into gimmicks or trends that won’t hold up in years to come. If you have a new knitter in your life, this is our recommendation for a how-to-knit guide. The instructions are simple and easy to follow…
The projects are wearable and combined with the tutorials, shepherd you through the journey from absolute beginner through simple accessories to garments and socks. In this way, it moves beyond being a book just for beginners and into a book that we can turn to time and time again.

Ysolda Teague/ Kate O’Sullivan via the Ysolda blog

How about that!? Thank you to everyone who has been in touch, or written about the book, we’re honoured be guiding new knitters through their first projects. And now, we’re looking forward to meeting more at a Cast On party soon!
Pom Pom xx


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