Photoshoot day is always one of our favourites here at Pom Pom! It’s the day we get to finally bring all those mood boards to life and see the samples being used as they should – as gorgeous pieces of knitwear!

palindrome-behind-the-scenes-issue-19Our most recent issue, Winter 2016 was shot in North London at Belt Craft Studios. As you might know, the theme of this issue was reflections so the wide space of the studio with the natural light streaming through the windows gave us the ideal place to play around with creating the modern and graphic look we wanted.


First order of the day (after all important teas and coffees) is organising the clothes for the shoot! Here’s Amy making sure everything is ready for the models and giving those knits a last steam and press to make sure they are looking photo ready.


Next is hair and makeup. It’s always great to work with new people for the shoots, but here’s a face you’ll certainly recognise! Jenny Green was our model for Issue 14, and she did her own hair and make up too! What a superstar. This time she just had the one role, making sure our gals Arna and Dana looked even more stunning.



We worked with pom pom pal and awesome photographer Amy Gwatkin, whose selection of music and playlists for the shoot kept us motivated and grooving while we organised the next photo (there may have been some 90’s classics including Spice Girls…) Here she is getting a shot of Ondeto.



We make sure the photos are not only beautiful but give you knitters a good idea of fit and shape too – that means lots of knitwear tweaking to make sure the shot is just right!



Time for a top up!



You might have also noticed the striking jewellery featured in this issue as well. At our London PPHQ (that’s Pom Pom Headquarters don’t ya know!) we’re fortunate to be surrounded by lots of other creative makers, including our studio mate Jenny Sweetnam who kindly lent her pieces for the shoot.jenny-sweetnam-jewelry

We love the shining accents made by the bold shapes, we thought they fitted just perfectly with the graphic style of the knits in this issue. Each piece is meticulously constructed in-house in her London studio, with a true focus on quailty craftmanship to make these luxury pieces.

Jenny Sweetnam Jewellery as used in PPQ Issue 19
It seems like only yesterday we were wrapping up Issue 19, and already Spring is on the horizon! We hope you enjoyed having a little peek behind the scenes, we’ll certainly be bring you more next year!

Pom Pom xx


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