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4. Interview with Pattern Writer, Alice Sleight!

Alice is Pom Pom’s Retail Manager, which means that she looks after the online shop, the subscriptions, and the customer service emails, among other things! She is also Pom Pom’s Production Coordinator, so she’s involved in producing the magazines and books: everything from compiling all the features, patterns, and imagery, to liaising with graphic designers […]

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3. Ready Set Raglan’s Origin Story!

Elowen from Ready Set Raglan. For this week’s ’12 Weeks of Raglan’ story, we’ve been chatting to Lydia Gluck, Ready Set Raglan‘s author and one of Pom Pom’s founding editors! In this mini interview, Lydia talks about the origins of the new book, her decision to include many samples, and how the process of writing a book […]

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2: Who or What’s a Raglan?

(Woodwardia from Ready Set Raglan) Welcome to the second post in our ‘Twelve Weeks of Raglan’ blog series! Let’s talk about what the term ‘raglan pullover’ means, and the history of the word ‘raglan’ in the knitwear world! Typically, the word ‘raglan’ describes a type of sleeve which diagonally extends from the neckband (around the centre […]

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