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We serendipitously find ourselves having referenced three of the four classical elements in recent issues of Pom Pom. With Autumn 2019 relating to water, Winter referencing earth via the concept of terrain, and Spring focusing on air, we couldn’t resist turning our attention to the element of fire for Summer 2020, as embodied by the sun.

Sun worship is nearly as old as humanity itself. Our days and years are defined by our Earth’s rotation in relation to the sun, and we are held always in its enormous gravitational pull. Today the sun can feel threatening, with global warming intensifying its rays and effects.

Visually, we are interested in the sun’s warm colours, and its energy, radiance, and intensity. Sunrises and sunsets scintillate with our beloved intense pinks and oranges. In summer especially, we associate the sun with the part it plays in the photosynthesis of brightly-hued plants.

We are looking for designs with a bold use of colour, plus an exuberance and sense of fun that will set joyful creativity aglow in our fellow makers. We seek incandescent but playful beauty.

Our summer issues are often some of our favourites and we take pride in offering designs that can truly be worn in hot weather. Tank tops, tees, and lightweight accessories in knit and crochet are all welcome.

Whether you use the sun’s energy to grow an idea to its grandest expression, or to illuminate a tried and tested technique, we’re here for it.

*Painting featured in the image above is by Juju Vail.

Click here for the mood board.

Deadline: Please submit your ideas by Sunday 24 November, midnight GMT. If your design has been selected, you will be notified by late November. Finished patterns, samples, and articles will then be due in mid-February for publication in May.

Compensation/support: Compensation is offered on a scale of difficulty of the pattern/length of article, etc. We provide yarn support. You can also rest assured your pattern will be presented in the best light possible, with professional tech editing, beautiful photography, and brilliant graphic design. Payment is by bank transfer in the UK, Paypal or Transferwise if you are abroad. Each contributor will receive a printed copy of the magazine.

Articles: Please click here for article proposal information.

At Pom Pom we are also interested in other crafts, music, food, art, and culture. If you have any tutorials or article ideas within these realms which you think might be of interest to our knitting and crochet audience, let us know. See below for contact details.

Pom Pom celebrates and supports diversity in our pages, our community, and our team. All races, religions, abilities, sexualities, genders, and bodies are encouraged to submit, and we are here to help if you need any particular accommodations.

Please use the form below which outlines all the information required for your submission. Be sure to read the form carefully and include all necessary elements including a sketch on a body and an image of your swatch. You will be able to upload a PDF including your sketches, swatches, and other information at the bottom of the form. Only PDF files up to 1 MB in size will be accepted. Once you’ve submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation email. You may submit as many ideas as you like, but you will need to upload each separately.

Questions? Please email us at [email protected]

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