Pom Pom was founded in 2012 as a quarterly that presents knitting, crochet, and craft in the modern, beautiful, and meaningful way we’ve always known it should be. Mainly conceived as a collection of patterns complemented by thoughtful writing and useful tutorials, we also celebrate the joy of making, hopefully without taking ourselves too seriously!

Since our kitchen table beginnings, we’ve gone on to feature some of the most well-known and loved independent designers and yarn producers, with some of the less well-known also growing along with us. We are so proud and lucky to be able to say that Pom Pom is now stocked at over 250 locally-owned yarn and craft stores across four continents and 20 countries. At Pom Pom we know that knitters are creative, curious people – so we also include lots of other features we think you’ll enjoy – from cocktail recipes, to dyeing tutorials, to articles about 18th century paper cut artists! Basically anything we think will inspire you. We also take pride in every detail of our magazine, from the typefaces we use right down to the paper we’re printed on – knitters are tactile people after all! We have always been, and continue to be, printed in the United Kingdom.

Pom Pom continues to grow, and we very much value each and everyone of you along with us on the journey! We are so excited about bringing you more thoughtful, beautiful, joyful, educational, and inspirational knitted (and crocheted!) goodness for a long time to come.

Meghan Fernandes

Co-Founder & Editor

Meghan is a former American transplant to London, where she lived for a decade. Now back in her native land, she is at the helm of Pom Pom in North America. While in London she wrote her MA dissertation on knitting in 20th century women's literature and worked for a publisher, a gallery, and a knitting shop, leaving her with a random but particular set of skills that could really only lead to running a knitting magazine. Her favourite things about running Pom Pom include photo shoots, testing out the cocktail recipes, and getting yarn in the mail.

    Lydia Gluck

    Co-Founder & Editor

    Lydia was born in London, grew up in Wales, studied in Manchester, and left her heart in Mexico. She has always had a crafty streak, dabbling in everything from furniture making to papier mache. Lydia has a background in linguistics, and spends a lot of time trying to draw parallels between knitting and grammar. Now she heads up the London Pom Pom office, which is pretty much her favourite job ever. When she is not knitting she can be found doing karaoke, painting her nails, or indulging in the excellent people-watching London has to offer.

      Amy Collins

      Associate Editor

      Amy grew up in a creative family in Farnham, a market town with a rich tradition rooted in the crafts. After studying Fine Art in Manchester she returned to rural Surrey where she turned her love of making, list writing, and Pinterest searching to good use as an event coordinator. Whilst organising unravel knitting festival she fell in love with wool and the wonderful folk of the fibre community. Lured by city life she now continues her knitting adventure with PPQ in London.

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